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“HI” is a leading member of world health food society.

We would like to take the rich Persian culture & Iranian hospitality to the lifestyle and living trend of the people worldwide.



Herb Incorporation ‘HI’ is a home-based family business that provides a great range of nature-based healthy products. Tea is one of the most important cornerstones of the Persian hospitality and like many other nations, Iranians are Tea and Herbal lovers.

In order to picture the importance of Tea & Herbal Infusions, we need to explain shortly about Persian history and Iranian culture. People in Ancient Persia used to consume herbs as a medicinal remedy. The physicians such as Avicenna had a vast study of herbs and mostly used them to heal its patients.

During the Safavid Empire (1501-1736), Tea and Herbal Infusions became part of the culture and Iranian hospitality. People offer tea to their guests and used to drink herbal infusions while reading poetries of Hafez, Omar Khayyam, and Rumi.

As mentioned earlier, Iranian enjoy gathering, talking and laughing while drinking tea, herbal infusions, and nuts. It is about being together while enjoying life at the present.


As the great Persian poet Khayyam said:


“If with wine you are drunk, enjoy

If seated with a moon-faced lady, enjoy

Since the end purpose of the universe is nothingness

Hence, picture your nothingness, then while you are, enjoy”

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