• Hibiscus


      Hibiscus tea is a rich source of Vitamins and Minerals such as flavonoids which have antidepressant properties. Hibiscus tea creates a relaxed sensation in the body and mind that helps to reduces anxiety, depression, and calming down the nervous system.

      Helps weight loss
      Preventing from catching cold & flu
      Lowering fever
      A rich source of minerals and Antioxidants
      Anti-Anxiety and depression
      Good for people with minor hypertension
      blood pressure maintenance
      Lowering cholesterol
      A rich source of Vitamin C
      Relieves menstrual pain
      Improves digestion

    • Sabalan Herbal Blend


      An aromatic herbal blend as colorful as the Mount Sabalan during the spring season.

      Helps Weight Loss
      Boosting the Immune System
      Rich source of Antioxidants
      Anti-Anxiety and Depression
      Mood Freshener
      Easing Constipation
      Sharpens Memory
      Relieves indigestion
      Heart health
      Improves bone health

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